About Us

At BAUM (UK) we are committed to delivering on product excellence. Since our inception in 2015, we have established the business as a premium brand within the industry and are justifiably proud of our customer-focused communication.

Whether for a quote, a demo, or even just a chat about our products, all calls will be treated with priority and utmost courtesy.

This commitment is reflected across the BAUM brand, and is a tradition we are proud to continue, whether on the phone, by email or face to face at the many events where you can find us.

BAUM products are engineered through excellence, and it is this exceptional quality that you will find throughout all points of touch.

In addition to the existing BAUM products that you can view throughout our site, we are also proud to announce some new and exciting brands incorporated into our range.

The very latest of these, for which we are the UK Exclusive Distributor, are highlighted below, with links to their product information pages:

As with our existing products, these new additions add breadth to our offering, extending our unique brand of service excellence to a much wider audience.

In our efforts to bring a more complete solution to our valued customers, BAUM (UK) will continue to seek out new market opportunities which are complimentary to our existing catalogue.

Similarly, if you are looking to see your own products reach our UK customer base, and to enjoy the service and support excellence that has become our signature brand, then please do reach out to discuss the opportunity.

You can reach us by going here

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