VisioBook HD 

The foldable and portable video magnifier - Magnify your reading materials wherever, and whenever you want!

Photo of VisioBook magnifying a book on its 12.5" display

Now you can fully enjoy all the benefits of a desktop magnifier where ever you are. The highly portable VisioBook is as small as a notebook PC and has the same functionality as a regular desktop magnifier. Thanks to the specially designed and unique folding mechanism it can be set up and folded away in a few seconds to a very compact and manageable size, never seen before for this kind of product. It magnifies your documents and photos wherever you are, even away from a power outlet, thanks to the built-in batteries that offer 5 hours of continuous use. After use, you can fold it down easily and store it in a very small place.

With pivoting HD camera for viewing both close range and distance views

VisioBook doesn't need its own place in your home or at school. Simply unfold it and use your VisioBook when and where you want. This revolutionary mobile desktop magnifier with 32 cm (12.5 in.) wide-screen LED backlight can be set up with very little effort and exactly where you need to magnify your texts: on the dining table to read your magazine or in the kitchen to read recipes. Take the VisioBook with you, to your local library to search for certain books or to your grandchildren to look at their drawings they drew for you. For educational purposes VisioBook is an excellent solution: take it with you to school and use the distance camera during lectures and presentations and to read what's on the board. With a simple turn of the camera, it can be used for distance viewing. Take your VisioBook with you in your school bag to another classroom or to the school library. VisioBook can be used for 5 hoursbefore it needs a recharge. After using your VisioBook you can close the unit effortlessly and either take it easily with you or stow it in a drawer, on a bookshelf, or leave it in its carrying case.

Technical specifications

Easy operation: 

  • Button panel with 6 function keys and control dial for adjusting the size.
  • 7 Artificial colour combinations each also inverse; full natural colours
  • automatic focus (can be switched off and on as desired)
  • Smart folding mechanism with 3 safe articulated joints


  • Full-colour 12.5" (32 cm)
  • 16:9 format
  • Full-HD screen with LED-backlight technology 
  • 1366 × 768 pixel HD camera for both close range and distance views

Magnification range: 

  • 1,8 to 30 times magnification


  • Magnification, dynamic contrast adjustment and picture optimising control

Size and weight: 

  • folded: 340 × 310 × 54 mm (appr. 13.4 (W)  × 12.2 (D) × 2.1 (H) in.)
  • in operation: 400 × 310 × 480 mm (appr. 15.7 (W) x 12.2 (D) x 18.9 (H) in.)
  • appr. 3,6 kg (appr. 7.9 lbs.)

Battery and voltage: 

  • Built-in Lithium-ion battery
  • Operating time 5 hours
  • External power adapter / battery charger 100-240V AC 50-60 Hz 
  • Power cons. in operation: < 15 W / in standby: < 1 W


  • USB 3.0 output (max. 1280 x 720 pixel, 60 Hz)
  • HDMI (in and out, 1280 x 720 Pixel, 60 Hz)


  • Pricing: VisioBook £2,995.00 (price quoted excluding VAT and delivery).
  • For more informaiton please call 0800 0433199 or email
  • Brochure download: VisioBook & VisioDesk
  • Important note: BAUM Retec (UK) only sells and ships to customers who are residents in the UK and Republic of Ireland. If you live in another country, please email BAUM Retec AG in Germany for ordering information in your country

Video Presentation:

The following video presentation, was put together by American Printing House for the Blind, and highlights VisioBooks unique features. Please click on the play button in the video below to start watching it. 

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