For support with your Braille device or video magnifier please phone 0800 043 3199 or use the support form below.

For VarioUltra Software and Firmware Updates, please visit BAUM Retec AG website:

VarioUltra International Mailing List:

The VarioUltra Customer Mailing List has been created on the Freelists Community. This list is where VarioUltra customers in the UK and US (predominantly) can subscribe and then exchange ideas, questions and answers, and other thoughts relating to VarioUltra

To subscribe to the list please send an mail to: with 'subscribe' in the Subject field; or by visiting the list page at:

To post a message to this list, simply send email to: An online, searchable archive of the list is available at

iOS Commands

  1. Document with command list for VarioUltra and iOS
  2. For the universal list of common commands, please refer to Common Braille commands for VoiceOver
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